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SOMMER - Garage Door Openers

Revolutionary Garage Door Opener

Direct Drive Technology:
The unique technology offers a traveling motor that attaches directly to the garage door

The Direct Drive is Strong and Durable like a chain drive and Quieter than a belt drive Features:
​- The SOMMER Direct Drive technology ensures an extremely quiet and smooth garage door operation. It is ideal for garages with adjacent living spaces
​- The sensitive internal obstacle detection and the safety sensors constantly monitor every door movement and insure the highest level of safety
​- A Direct Drive 24V DC motor provides maximum lifting force 
- Unwanted sagging of traditional chain or belt driven units is eliminated by utilizing one moving part gliding along a stationary chain 
- Comes with a lifetime warranty on the whole unit and two years on all accessories
- The sleek design with indestructible steel rail system is extremely easy to install
- Fully automatic force adjustment that will not allow a broken door to burn out the motor
- Soft start and stop relieves stress from the opener and garage door
- Direct Drive technology requires no maintenance and makes this garage door opener extremely durable and long lasting
​- Standard rail for 7ft. and 8ft. doors



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